Spirit work is mysterious - but it shouldn't be unapproachable or unknowable.

We here at Athamé will be hosting and facilitating events and providing services to those seeking Magical community in the Greater Nashville area.


All of these activities will be explored with the intention of bringing clarity and approachability to our work and to bring people together in a more fulfilling way.


Our long term intentions for Athamé include a desire to provide community support. Witchcraft (and spirituality in all of its forms) can become interwoven into our lives easily if we allow it.

The hope is to bring things that were once normal activities back to the hearth and home. Back to center. Back to our roots. Reconnecting to our natural cycles, the life-death-life of all things.

If you could have access to a deeper magical practice - one that is specifically crafted to fit your modern life - what would it look like?