Air Energy

I’ve been working with Air energy for months now, knowingly and unknowingly. Last autumn, walking to my car after work consisted of following a trail of crow feathers. I thanked them as they sat perched high above on an electrical tower next to my car, always observant. This winter, I listen while the birds outside are speaking. I take notice when their chirps pierce the winter air. Cardinals, blue jays, even woodpeckers by which I’ve always been fascinated. Every candle that has been lit with intention since last September has been yellow. Being outside with strong winds blowing around and through me is where I feel the most powerful.

I have been quietly changing from within. I will not apologize for working in ways undetectable. Inside of me are tiny tornadoes of fallen leaves swirling in circles that catch your eye only when there is no one else around to marvel at them. I will not apologize for not sprouting a shimmering silver strand of hair for each lesson learned like the wise woman I someday will become. These changes are not visible, or boastful, or photogenic.

I cannot be sorry for stretching to reach sacred, mindful honesty mostly by learning from those who have not reached theirs. Growing from the bulbs of my thoughts and words, I will not spread unwanted weeds in the gardens of my sisters with half-truths, carelessness, or feigned smiles disguising envy. Sensing before speaking, and then remaining open to sensing some more, will leave me feeling honorable and dignified and real.

I check in with my feelings and intuition so that my actions are in step with my goals, my inner truth and my Higher Self. I remember that spark of fulfillment when I read that book, light that candle, and write those ideas, and if something doesn’t spark, I will not waste my time with it. The sails are pointed forward and the wind is trusted to get me where I need to be. The goddess Seshat, Lady of Builders and Mistress of the House of Books, works through me to conceptualize creativity, translate inspiration, and foster higher learning every time I whisper her name.