Witch's Cupboard: Amethyst

Amethyst is a must-have for any witch’s crystal collection. It’s a common crystal that is not hard to find in shops and from online retailers, and the magick it holds can be utilized without difficulty. Amethyst’s energy is receptive. It resonates with the element of Water. This invites us to go deep within ourselves to reflect,  check in with our emotional state, and get lost within our dreams- whether we are sleeping or not.

Amethyst is used to facilitate healing, psychism, love, peace, protection, and happiness. Place one under your pillow for more vivid dreams. They come in handy during full moons to help align with your Higher Self and along with a witches salve, tune into your magickal self and reach higher states of consciousness. I’ve appropriately attached an amethyst point to a crown I wear on Esbats so that it rests near my crown and third eye chakras.

Larger pieces carry deep power that can be used for meditation and mindfulness, and smaller pieces can be personally charged with magickal intent and carried with you. I carry an amethyst on my keychain that’s been charged for protection and peace while driving. If you’ve ever driven around Nashville, then you would probably understand why those intentions are necessary!

Just in case you’ve never done so before, here is a suggestion on how to charge a crystal with intent. At the beginning of my magickal journey I read a lot of Scott Cunningham books, so his method is the one I utilize. Set up your sacred area and let your mind enter the state it needs to reach in order to concentrate and reach your Higher Self, whether that’s by meditating, staring at a candle’s flame, or something else.

Hold the crystal in your dominant hand while envisioning in your mind’s eye what you’d like the crystal to accomplish. For example, for my keychain I envisioned getting to and from work safely and never getting upset at careless drivers or those who disregarded traffic laws. Sense the feelings behind the intent and know that that’s the way you will feel every time you touch the crystal from now on. With a firm grasp of the crystal in your hand, begin tensing every muscle in your body, paying attention to every body part from your toes to your shoulders to your ears. Once you can’t hold it any longer, release your muscles and pour all of that energy into the stone in your hand. Now it is ready to work for you.

I can’t guarantee that you won’t want to start carrying rocks and gems with you the more you learn about them. One day you might figure out why your backpack or purse is so heavy by pulling out all the stones with which you’ve formed a connection with over the years. Amethyst is sometimes a witch’s first romance when it comes to these beautiful Earth-forged gifts. Understanding the energy they radiate can make you fall in love with them. If your heart belongs to another crystal, it just might be the next one featured in the Athame Metaphysical grimoire.