Tarot Cards. Reiki Healing. Energy Work.There is power in holding oneself accountable, power in making space for deep soul cleansing, and power in allowing the soul room to be vulnerable and washed clean. This is a calling we feel drawn to answer and to provide.


⠀⠀Tarot, and the act of reading Tarot cards, functions predominately as a discussion instigator. This is an opening up of conversation between reader and receiver, often pushing boundaries. There is often a dragging up of un-touched topics - many severely in need of examination.

⠀⠀Reiki and Energy Work can provide a sense of ease and comfort within the physical body. The act of simply being still and breathing into ones inner spaces is a freeing experience.

Allowing for work on an internal level - while making room for increased access to spiritual identity and community building - is a passion that burns brightly for those of us building Athamé.