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Full Moon Potluck

  • Percy Warner Park Deep Well Shelter 2 (map)

Join us under the moon! Bring food or drink to share. Ritual at 8.

This is a donation based event.

We have reserved the Deep Well shelter number 2. You will enter the park through the stone column entrance at 7311 Highway 100. We will be second shelter on the right.

There is a fireplace we can use. Note that there will be no electricity so you might want to bring a lantern or flashlight. There are trails nearby, perfect for a night hike!

We will be doing the Rite of Esbat from Michael Furies' Supermarket Sabbats book. Our coven has done this ritual before and we quite liked it.

Items needed (provided by Athamé):

-white candles

-Esbat incense



-bowl of salted water

-altar table

-lunar potion punch

Optional items (brought by you):

-a vessel to make lunar water


-white wine

-athamé or wand

-moon oil

-anything you would like to charge under the moon ie crystals, altar, or divination tools

"Prepare an altar in the center of the ritual area with all the things you will need for the rite. Light the candles and the incense. When you are ready, pick up the athamé and energetically encircle yourself so that you are within a magical orb. Sprinkle saltwater around the circle in a clockwise direction to neutralize any energies not in harmony with your work. Afterward, settle yourself before the altar and meditate on the moon. In your mind's eye, see the moon floating above in its current phase, carrying all that power of this time. Reach out with your feelings and try to connect to the lunar energy and the divine energies above and behind the power of the moon.

When you feel a connection, pick up the cup of potion (or wine) and the athamé (or wand). Bless the potion by lowering the tip of the athamé into the cup and saying:

Vessel of creation, elixir of life,

union of spirit and flesh combine;

liquid charged through cup and knife,

pierce the veil and bless the wine.

Deities of the moon, through the power of all,

I call you to lend your strength

and forge a greater bond.

Blessed be the union. Blessed be the voyage.

Blessed be the magic. Blessed be the power of all.

Raise the cup in both hands in gratitude, and drink in the energy of magic and communion. This infuses your body with magic. Now is the time to cast any spells, work any divination, or call to any specific deities."

We will then bless some dessert as we will have already eaten our shared dishes at this point in the evening. After we finish eating we will then conclude the rite. We will thank any deities we have called upon and draw back the circle by walking counterclockwise around the boundary. Extinguish all flames and incense. The esbat will then be complete!

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