All of our candles are charged with deep intention. This is no different. But we went the extra mile here to provide you with the required boundary protection necessary to support yourself after the removal of the malignant forces you may be facing. Dusted with dried rose thorns and ritual coal, our Banishing Candle will surely remove the energy vampires you've been fending off.


Simple Ritual for the removal of negative energy 

Setting this candle at eye level on a fire-safe dish, light it while speaking aloud (or saying strongly within your mind) the thing you wish to see permanently removed from your life.

Allowing the candle to burn, place your hands lightly on your head, allowing the energy of the item being removed to be pulled upward into your hands.

Then, slowly, draw your hands down over your eyes and away from your head, running your hands high above the candle. Allow the flames to "burn" the energy away from your body, and away from your energetic field.

Do this process 9 times - each time repeating "this I remove, this I banish, so that I may regain control."

Allow the candle to burn down completely if possible, and when ready, discard of the candle dish in a public trashcan away from your home.