About Athamé

Athamé is a full service metaphysical boutique where we hand craft and tailor magical products and experiences to our clients’ needs. Made with magical intent and charged under the corresponding moon, we align our production calendar to Western astrology. (We’d never make a Romance candle when Venus is stationed retrograde.)

More than witchy-tinged body care, our hand made products and items are crafted with the intention to assist your magical workings. Our offerings are curated with the specific desire to enrich and expand personal spiritual growth. Everything we provide here is tested and trusted to be used in our personal workings.

We’re here to help you remember your way back to your roots and to offer guidance on your road ahead.


Olivia Miyahira


With psychic experiences and phenomena beginning for her around the age of four, Olivia is a naturally gifted Medium. She is about to embark on an intensive course to receive training as a Death Midwife.

Her primary goals for Athamé include hosting public wisdom swaps, facilitating Red Tent rituals, crafting magical products, & holding sacred space for life’s largest transitions with her work.


Raven Robbins


As a clairsentient and clairaudient spiritual counselor with twenty years of Tarot experience, Raven hopes to bring the cleansing of Shadow Work to those who seek it. A trained Reiki & Crystal healer, she integrates these tools into her magical practice.

Raven hopes to engage community by hosting occult history lectures, offering spiritual medicine, & demystifying magic for all.


Ashley Conley


Beginning her journey to witchcraft in the woods outside her home in 2011, Ashley grew up with an interest in the occult. Her student-like approach has lead to her study of Shamanism, Wicca, & Ceremonial Magick.

She is currently focusing on honing her geomantic empath abilities, spreading knowledge through grimoire posts, & using divination to help others reach their Higher Self.


Canaan Ashlee


The Goddess has whispered to Canaan for many years but only recently has she been able to embrace the calling of Witch. Drawn to plant magic, personalized ritual, and intuitive spirituality, she is a prime example that magic is for anyone who seeks it.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she is a seeker at heart who hopes to counsel those who are starting out on their journey with spirituality.

Spirit work is mysterious - but it shouldn't be unapproachable or unknowable.

Divination can be daunting - but don't be turned away by cards full of symbolism.

Witchcraft and Spiritual Practices can be hard to navigate. Let us show you a way.


No two practitioners are alike. No two paths are the same.

But if there are things we know to be true, they are this...

We know that ritual can be like breathing.
We know that magic shouldn’t be kept deep inside of a closet. Or deep in our hearts.
We know that every being is capable of owning their Intuition and Power.