What is Athamé?

Spirit work is mysterious - but it shouldn't be unapproachable or unknowable.

Divination can be daunting - but don't be turned away by cards full of symbolism.

Witchcraft and Spiritual Practices can be hard to navigate. Let us show you a way.

Athamé - noun | atha·me: 


A black handled, double edged dagger used to direct energy in ritual settings.

Used by many practitioners of witchcraft and ceremonial magick.



No two practitioners are alike. No two paths are the same.

But if there are things we know to be true, they are this...

We know that ritual can be like breathing.
We know that magic shouldn’t be kept deep inside of a closet. Or deep in our hearts.
We know that every being is capable of owning their Intuition and Power.